Never chase clients for bank statements again

fully automated bank statement solution

Streem Connect delivers up to date, fast, accurate bank statements with no missed transactions. Clients don't have to create an account and we will remind them when it's time to relink their account.

Who we work with

Built with your business in mind

We've built Streem Connect with core business sectors in mind.
By doing this we believe we have created the perfect platform to streamline our clients day to day working lives with our fully automated bank statement solution.


Easy access to statements, automatic reconciling, balance alerts and more

Insolvency Practitioners

30 second pre appointment onboarding. Two years worth of transactions with data filtering

Finance brokers & Lenders

Verify source of income, check statements and more within 30 seconds of getting started

How it works

Streamline your workflow
in 3 simple steps

From our platform , you send your clients an email or text message
which allows them to link their bank with one click.

Send your client a link

Add your client's info to the StreemConnect platform and then send them a link with one click.

Client links to streem

Your client clicks the link they are then taken to their online bank and prompted to choose the accounts they would like to share.

Get up to date data

You can now access up to date banking data for your client in StreemConnect. Get alerts, export data and much more.

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All your client's
accounts in one place

See all the information you need across all of your client's accounts.

Collaborative Working

All your team can access the same data from anywhere. Whether working remotely, in an overseas office or from a local café. Data is always available for you and your team.

Download data

Export CSV and PDF files in the format you need allowing you to upload data straight into Xero, Quickbooks, SAGE and more.

View Statements Online

You don't need to download a CSV to view data. You can view and search account data directly from your browser.


All the features you’ll need
to streamline your workflow

Built with your business in mind with new features constantly being added.

Reconcile Accounts

Our automated reconciler tool can reconcile your clients accounts in seconds. Instantly highlight any erroneous transactions for further investigation.

Set Alerts

Immediately get alerted via if your clients go below their threshold or credit limit. Ideal for book keepers and anyone who needs to closely monitor a bank accounts balance.

Verification Reports

Our bank reports can be used to verify balances, sources of income and more. By using end of day balances and transactions going back up to 2 years. You have all the data you need to verify a customers data.

Frequently asked questions

We hope this answers your question

If not, please get in touch with any questions you have

What is Streem Connect?

Through the power of automation, we developed Streem Connect — a simple and effective way of collecting and organising your clients banking data.

  • Get real time balances and precise statements.
  • Securely onboard your clients through a simple mobile banking app linkage.
  • Automate your reconciliation and never miss a transaction again.
  • Automate alerts on cashflow thresholds, credit limits and more.
  • Export all data through CSV’s.
  • Connect multiple accounts for your staff.

Is Streem Connect secure?

Yes! When designing the platform, we made security our number one priority. We know how important it is keeping your data and your client’s data safe, which is why we have algorithmically encrypted all data that is exchanged through the platform. We do not collect or store data nor do we have access to any connected accounts funds. We strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act 2018 and are a registered company of the Financial Conduct Authority.

How much does Streem Connect cost?

Our pricing structure is very straightforward so that you only pay for the value you gain from using the platform. We have made unlinking clients’ accounts as easy as linking them so that you never pay for any inactive accounts you may have. See our pricing page for more details.

What makes Streem Connect different?

With our team’s strong background in accounting and commercial finance, we’ve identified the main struggles of day-to-day bookkeeping and client management. By automating these processes, we’ve developed a platform that is more efficient, accurate and secure than other software’s on the market.

Who is Streem Connect used by?

Although designed specifically with accountants in mind, Streem Connect can be used by an array of financial services. Whether you are a finance institution or an insolvency practitioner , we are certain that we can meet your desired needs and add value to your operations.

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