FAQ's - Streem Connect


We’ve built this platform with security in mind. We know how important your client data is to you. Everything on Streem is encrypted and we don’t store any banking information. We use 256-bit encryption to keep everything safe and secure. We always aim to meet or exceed industry security standards. 

There is no way for you or anyone else to access a client’s money via Streem Connect. You can only view and download their statements.

We recommend using two-factor authentication for maximum security. 

No. There is absolutely no way you or anyone else using our platform can access money or initiate payments. You can download and view transaction and balance data only. 

There is no limit to how many clients you can add to your account. We have a handy import feature so you can very quickly add your client database. You only pay for the ones that are connected to the open banking system. 

Any links you create cost £2.50 per month. There is a minimum period of 3 months on any created bank links.

If a client has multiple accounts at the same bank, you can connect as many of them as you wish – they are all included in the £2.50 fee. 

You can download and view as much data as you want while a link remains active. There are no additional costs. 

Click here for our pricing plan. 

We class a link as a connection to one bank. You may have numerous bank accounts with one bank, for the same company, this counts as only one link for the purpose of our billing.

Yes. You can add your staff so they have their own login. You can then allocate them clients so they can only access the client data you need them to. 

Currently, you can see the last 2 years’ worth of data. When viewing or exporting client transactions you can use the date selector to get only the information you need. 

From your Streem Connect dashboard, you can send them an email with 1 click. This email contains a link. Once the client follows that link they will start the linking process. They will be taken to their online banking app or website. Once logged in they can choose what accounts they wish to share with you. The data from those accounts will then be added to your Streem Connect account for you to utilise. 

You can also manually create links that you can then copy and send via any other messaging platform you may use. 

Connections remain active for 90 days, this is currently the maximum time allowed for open banking connections to remain active. Once the 90 day period is approaching completion we will automatically email your client with a new link so they can re-authenticate their link to the Streem Connect platform. The linking process is quick and easy, taking only a minute to complete.  

You can request the removal of linked accounts at any time and clients can also remove the connection from their banking app. 

Transaction data is available to download in various CSV formats. You can choose the format that works best for you allowing direct imports into the most popular accounting sofware like Xero and Quickbooks. 

Yes you can see an accounts balance and also view a running balance against transactional data. 

Streem Connect is able to connect with 99% of banks available to U.K customers. 

Your clients can use any device to link their accounts to Streem Connect. As most people are now using mobile apps for banking we built Streem so that your clients can use their banking app to complete the process. They can unlock and access their app in their usual way using a PIN code, Touch ID, or Face ID. If using a desktop device they can simply log in using their username and password.