Streem Analyse

Analysing spending data

Supplier Analysis

Streem Analyse allows you to get in depth analysis in your clients spending and revenue data. 

  • Software automatically puts transactions into suggested groups
  • Manually add any suppliers/payees you need
  • Create an excel report with grouped transactions for tax coding
  • Get a full bank statement with transaction categories and end of day balances.
  • Use the report to start a tax return, apply for finance and much more

Watch the video to see just how quickly you can get started.

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What people are saying about Streem Connect

"Streem Connect have rapidly become heroes amongst our team. The client sign-up is slick and easy, the platform is intuitive and a pleasure to use and the support team is incredibly responsive. With bank feeds seemingly getting worse all the time, causing frustration, extra work and risk of error, Streem Connect brings back the control that allows us to calmly and confidently serve our clients."
James Lizars
CEO - Thrive Accountants