Affiliate Program

Unlimited earning potential

Refer customers and make profit

Streem Connect allows accountants and other finance professionals easy access to their customers bank statement data and a load of other useful tools. It’s our job to make their working lives easier and more efficient. Your job is to tell everyone about us!

You will make 25% commission on any customers you refer to Streem Connect every single month. Ongoing commissions mean that as long as your referral stays a Streem Connect customer you will continue to earn a commission every month. 

Refer & Earn

Why become an affiliate?

Track your referals

Our affiliate tracking software allows you to keep up to date with how many people are clicking your link and signing up.

Ongoing commissions

Every month your referal pays us for bank links, we pay you a 25% share .

Unlimited potential

The earning potential is unlimited. The more customers you refer the more you can make.

How much can you earn

Calculate your commission

Every bank link costs your customer £2.50 per month

For every link created (£2.50 fee) 
Processing fees£0.30
Streem Connect share (75%)£1.65
Your commission (25%)£0.55

Each customer you refer will create many links. Some of our customers have thousands of links meaning your earnings could quickly stack up.