Streem Reconcile

Takes seconds

Reconcile accounts

Reconciling your clients accounts has never been easier with Streem Reconcile. 

This tool allows you to complete reconciling tasks in seconds. A task that may have taken several hours to do manually can now be done in under a minute. 

Simply upload any excel spreadsheet that contains your statement information. Map the columns to tell the software where key information on your sheet is and then press start reconciling. 

Almost immediately you can see missing and duplicated transactions. 

Export a spreadsheet with all the transactions you need to check and compare balances and transactions numbers. 


What people are saying about Streem Reconcile

"I have just used The Reconciler feature for the 1st time and it worked brilliantly! It identified 149 duplicated transactions spanning across 3 months, which no doubt would’ve taken possibly hours to identify manually. To identify the transactions probably took less than 30 minutes from sending a text to client to get the bank connected, exporting bank lines from Xero and importing into reconciler. Highly recommended."
Jamie Dawes FCCA ACA
Director - Dawes Accountants