Streem Verify

PDF Statements

Verification Reports

Streem Verify allows you to download PDF bank statements from any clients you have linked to Streem Connect. 

 These reports include

  • Historical transaction data
  • Historical end of day balances
  • Inflow and outflow amounts
  • Current balances
  • Account holder info

The statement is also available to export in excel format. 

Statements are included in your subscription, you get 1 report every 90 days completely free, if you need more frequent downloads then they are an extra charge of £1 per report. Please see our pricing page for basic linked account costs. 

Transactional Data

Advantages of Verify

Instant Access – Get instant access to bank statements but in a PDF report format, saving you time and cost trying to get access to statements

Verification – Using the report as a verification tool to save on file to prove the balances, bank account verification or certain transactions, this can then be used as evidence for future reference.

Financial Checks – Gives you financial information on the client if you need to perform initial checks on them in your security processes. Look back at transactions and use as a source of funds report for each client for regulations and financial crime purposes.

Our users

What types of business are using Verify?

Accountants – By receiving the financial analysis in a more streamlined way and excel format, also allowing you to do verification checks on your clients instantly.

Insolvency Firms – Instant access to 2 years backdated banking data, verify transactions and analysis already done within Streem Connect.

Finance Brokers & Lenders – Verify sources of income, check transactions and monitor ongoing balance thresholds for for covenants.

Legal – Perform sources of funds report for clients whether it is a property purchase or any other legal transaction. This will allow you to meet your regulatory obligations by giving you evidence in minutes.

What people are saying about Streem Connect

"Streem Connect have rapidly become heroes amongst our team. The client sign-up is slick and easy, the platform is intuitive and a pleasure to use and the support team is incredibly responsive. With bank feeds seemingly getting worse all the time, causing frustration, extra work and risk of error, Streem Connect brings back the control that allows us to calmly and confidently serve our clients."
James Lizars
CEO - Thrive Accountants