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Feature Overview

All the features you’ll need


See in depth analysis on client expenditure and revenue including categorisation.


Download PDF bank statements with historical balances, transaction details and account holder information.


Compare your bank statement data against our live data to reconcile your data in seconds.

Client Database

All your clients in one place. See who is managing their accounts and all their contact info.

Connect Accounts

All your clients bank accounts accessible in one place. Get all the latest transactions from their accounts.

Search Transactions

Quickly search for specific transactions in clients connected accounts.

Add your staff

Mange staff accounts and permissions to ensure they only see accounts they are working on.

Download CSV's

Select a date range and then download your clients data ready for import into your chosen


We aim to meet or exceed industry standards for security. Streem Connect users cannot access money or initiate payments.


Get the alerts you need about clients bank accounts. Low balance, credit limit alerts and more.

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