Navigating Source of Funds Compliance with Streem Verify

  Understanding where money has come from is more important than ever before. The origin of your customers capital could be very telling, especially in today’s global economy where transparency and compliance with financial regulations are paramount. Understanding the source of funds not only helps businesses mitigate risks associated with money laundering and financial crime, […]

Filter transactions by amount

At Streem Connect, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance your experience and provide solutions that make managing your finances not just easier but also more secure. What’s New? We’re excited to introduce a new feature that allows you to filter transactions by amount. This update is designed with your needs in mind, enabling you […]

The most common problems linking to Streem and how to solve them

We’ve strived to make Streem Connect really easy to use. The process of linking is designed to be quick and easy, typically taking less than 30 seconds for customers to connect. Although we’re proud that over 95% of link attempts are successful on the first try, there are instances where users might encounter difficulties with […]

Bank Statement Scanning vs. Open Banking: Why It’s Time to Make the Switch

Bank statement scanning software is still a popular choice amongst accountants and other financial professionals but with Open Banking now available at every banking institution it no longer makes sense to put time and money into this outdated technology. Why Bank Statement Scanning Is Obsolete If you are currently using bank statement scanning software you […]

New Feature – Reconciler

Here is the scenario, your client’s year end is ready for completion. You have lost faith in bank feeds and are not sure if the balances are correct on your client’s system. What now? Your potential next steps would be:- Go back to the client and ask them for their bank balance as it was […]